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Healthy Life Diets improve many aspects of your life by living and eating healthy. You can lose weight and feel great while eating great food that is tasty, interesting and above all, free from all the additives, preservatives, colorings and flavorings that commercial food producers tend to lace the bulk of their food products with.

Essentially, we promote home cooked meals that you prepare yourself (or get mom to do it) that are created from only fresh ingredients that you can buy at the store and that doesn't come in packets.

What is Fresh Food?

That may sound like the dumbest question on earth, but you would be surprised at just how many people think that some foods that come in packets or cans are fresh if they are labeled as being healthy!

Why is Fresh Food Better?

Fresh foods, as already mentioned do not come with baggage in the form of artificial additives such as colorings and flavorings, preservatives, added salt and sugar or artificial sweeteners and a load of unsavory things hidden behind those "E" numbers that you see when you read the labels on packet or canned food. You do read the labels on food before you buy them, right?

Well if you don't, then its time you started reading them and learning what all those E numbers relate to. There are some really scary ingredients when you do a little research on them and that's part of the information we are providing here. This will help you understand that most of the foods you buy in packets or cans at the store are NOT healthy!

It's Healthier Too

Fresh foods, on the contrary are far more healthy because they don't come with all those additives. You prepare and cook your meals from scratch using fresh vegetable that you have to peel and wash. You use quality cuts of lean meat and fish and you can do this because when you buy fresh produce, it is nearly always cheaper than packet foods.

Then you cook on a stove (you have one of those in your kitchen, remember?) or in the oven or grill. The microwave will get used much less often and then only for defrosting or heating things, not cooking meals!

This is all good for you and while it means spending a little more time in the kitchen, it's worth it in terms of keeping yourself and your family healthier than you could ever do by constantly serving up convenience style ready ready meals that come in packets from the store shelves. Try it, you might even grow to like the taste of real, home cooked meals!

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