Eating Real Food

There are certainly many options to take when it comes to finding a good match for our needs with regards to diet and losing weight and eating real food is one of them. That is of course assuming that weight needs to be lost!

But for most people, some kind of diet or special eating program seems to be the only option, when actually that is not entirely true.

Keep it Simple and Basic

We can always opt for those simple diets that are so much more easy and less hassle than conventional diets and they certainly have a place in the grand scheme of all things healthy. Or we can opt for a more conventional kind of diet that follows diet sheets and involves filling in charts and lists and all sorts of time consuming paraphernalia.

Or we can do away with all that specialized way of eating and planning and simply go back to basics by opting to only eat meals that are home cooked and made from only fresh ingredients. That means getting rid of all meals that have any of their ingredients come in packets or cans. In other words it means saying goodbye to modern society's food nightmare, the processed meal!

Results Speak for Themselves

It can be truly amazing what can happen to a person when they stop eating all that additive laden junk and start eating real food again. When that ethic is combined with drinking plenty of plain, ordinary water and no more soda or flavored drinks of any kind, with the exception of one or two fresh fruit juices (best squeezed yourself or buying propriety brands), then the total sugar intake will have been so drastically reduced.

The best part is that it happens with the person even realizing it that the weight will just seem to drop off as if by magic! But magic or miracle it is certainly not. Its just plain old realism mixed with a smattering of common sense.

Why Simple Diets are Best

It's really quite incredible to think that so many people end up on diets that are way too complicated for them when they really didn't even need to go on them in the first place. That's not to say that they didn't need to go on a diet, because they surely did. Think it over.

If they went on a diet in the first place, they were overweight! But it is to say that they maybe didn't need to go on the diet they did go on because there are far easier diets out there to try!

So what is it about simplicity that is so attractive and ultimately so successful for people who need to lose weight and especially those that don't have very much spare time to spend doing them? There is truly an aspect of very simple diets that makes them at first appealing and then easy to work on for anyone and especially those with little free time.

Cut the Complexity

The major winning benefit has to be in the way time can be saved by not having so many complex tasks to undertake every day. Surely few people have the time or inclination to want to be filling in a bunch of charts and statistical nonsense when all they really want to do is check the scales once a week and see how much they have lost!

In fact, doing daily stuff like weighing in and logging any fluctuation in body weight can get a little soul destroying, especially when the weight is coming of very slowly. It can seem like you go days with no sign of any change and that can be demoralizing.

Weighing in once a week and not bothering with calorie charts and all other types of food charts is a good way to keep things real and by not getting stressed over details. Stress is the biggest cause of diet failure because stress makes your body suppress functions like digestion while slowing metabolism and causing you to want to eat more, leading to more fat storage and weight gain.

Go with a simple, stress free diet that's made up of real honest to goodness food and be happy losing weight. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be!