Healthy is Best

What a simple line the title to this article is, yet what a profoundly powerful one it is too. Of all the states a person can be in, it is surely the best of all to be healthy. That's because being healthy means you have the ability to do most things in life and to enjoy doing them without suffering undue pain or feeling physically limited in any way. So what is this amazing state of physical being all about and why should we be concerned that too many people are not enjoying the good health that is their birth right?

Being in a state of good health is all about being physically fit enough to do most things that you are called upon to do, as well as being completely mobile and able to work, play and enjoy doing all the things that the human body was designed to do. Many of us enjoy this happy state and don't give it a second thought. But maybe we should, because if we are doing all the right things to make sure we keep hold of that good health, then there is not a problem. But if we're not, then maybe we ought to be taking more notice of what it is that we are doing wrong.

We should keep a close eye on our diet for starters, because what we are putting into our bodies through the things we eat and drink can have a big effect on our state of health. if we need to shed some weight, then losing weight slowly, steadily and naturally is best. It goes without saying that we should not smoke at all or drink alcohol to excess and not take any recreational drugs no matter how benign we may believe them to be. We should also be careful to moderate any medicinal drugs we are prescribed for any temporary ailments we may be suffering, because often, the drugs can weaken our own immune system making us more susceptible to further attacks from viral or bacterial infections in the future.

We also should keep a close watch on the state of our mental health. If we are stressed a lot of the time, we need to address that, because stress degrades the physical body in many ways. We should be careful not to allow ourselves to get unduly angry or frustrated too often as these and other negative emotions can also degrade the body and also our immune system.

We should try and remain positive and upbeat as much as possible. We can emphasize that by making a mental note to put ourselves in situations that make us feel good, happy and joyful as much as possible, while avoiding those situations that make us feel bad wherever we can. Of course, sometimes, things are pretty much unavoidable, but when something crops up that we must deal with, then deal with it there and then and don't let situations fester over time.

Above all, be happy. A happy person is often a healthier person purely because they are habitually happy. It's true!

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