Losing Weight Slowly Wins

If you are thinking about losing weight and see it as some kind of a race, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment, especially in the medium to longer term. While its certainly possible to lose a reasonable amount of weight quite quickly, the chances are that you'll put it all back on again just as quickly as soon as you stop dieting or whatever it is you are doing to bring about the sudden and rapid weight reduction.

For that reason and a few more besides, it's a far better decision to lose the excess pounds more slowly. Here's why.

Fast and Furious

As already mentioned, when you lose weight fast, you'll gain it back again fast, because you haven't given your body a chance to get used to the new routine and as soon as you reach the target, resuming your old routine just allows the body to reset itself so it can get back to the way it always was. Which is overweight! You need to allow the body plenty of time to get used to its new routine and also to its new weight.

In addition to that fact, it is also potentially dangerous to force a sudden drop in body mass by crash dieting or suddenly exercising like a trained athlete when you haven't done any physical exercise for a long time.

Slow and Steady

But when you take it at a more leisurely pace, your body gets the chance to get used to the gradual reduction in calories and smaller portion sizes in diet diet of your choice along with the changes in the kinds of things that you are eating and drinking. You should slowly swap out the bad items of food and drink for good items. Like for instance swapping out the hamburger and fries lunch for a healthy alternative maybe on alternate days to start with, then build up to a total omission of the unhealthy in favor of the healthy lunch.

When it comes to drinking bad things like cans of soda, which are a big culprit for weight gain in many people, swap out a can a day for a glass of plain water! You can do it and you will be surprised at the way your weight drops when you drop soda from your diet and replace it with water!

The same goes for the little things, like the cup cake with the cup of coffee, or the sugar that goes in the coffee. You can cut down day by day until you're drinking unsugared coffee and you'll be amazed at how good it really tastes without all the calorie laden refined sugar. By the way, that doesn't mean you can simply replace it with an artificial sweetener. They are even worse for your health than the sugar they replace.

Saccharine, which is still a common sweetener for coffee is known to cause cancer. In fact it's been known by the government since the 1930s and they even banned it way back then. But pressure from diabetic groups forced the government to lift the ban. Can you imagine that? I guess you can!

The whole idea here is to wean yourself off the sweet stuff and get used to the taste of things as they really are, which for most things is actually real nice! You want to gradually remove cakes, pie, cookies, candy and anything similar from your diet in any case because they are all high in calories and low in nutrients, therefore useless to you in terms of true nutrition. Sure they taste nice, but how much do you want to lose that weight through diet?

So take things slowly and surely and you will reduce your body size and mass all the same, it will just take longer. But the beauty of going slow is that once you have lost the weight, you are far less likely to put it back.

That's because you will have gotten used to eating lots more foods that are natural, great tasting and will have lost the urge to eat all those high sugar treats because your taste buds will have learned new, healthy tastes that you will find yourself preferring. It's the way to go!

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