How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

For the vast majority of people who are looking at the prospect of losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is to go on a diet of some kind. Dieting is big business and the choice of diets is enormous to the point of becoming confusing. But what if you want to reduce your body's size but have no intention of placing yourself on some kind of diet. Is there any hope for you?

The answer to that is, yes there is!

Of course you can lose weight without dieting and this article will discuss this from an overview point of view. There are two main ways you can physically reduce your body's size and mass but both these ways have a common denominator.

Two Ways to Do It

lose weight no dietThose two ways just mentioned are by:


or by:


...and the common denominator to both is the number of calories your body burns compared with the number of calories you consume. That is a pretty simplistic view but it serves to make the process easily understandable by just about anyone.

There is a third method of reducing your size which involves invoking a positive mental attitude and making use of something like hypnosis. A method that uses post hypnotic suggestion to suppress hunger can make it easier to eat less and avoid high calorie snacks.

At the same time it can also be used to boost the metabolism to naturally burn off more calories to bring about the desired weight loss. This method is better explained ion a separate article so won't be covered in this one.

Getting Physical

So for the purposes of this article, that leaves us with one sure fire way of losing a number of pounds without dieting and that's exercise. Now I imagine a good number of folks that are asking the question if they can lose weight without a special, healthy diet are looking for an easy option.

But I can tell you that successfully losing weight with exercise while paying little or no attention to your diet can be a tough nut to crack. In fact it may even deter all but the sturdiest of would be slimmers.

That's not to say it has to be hard. Just that it can be if you really want to keep on with a currently bad diet that's going to hold you back and make it doubly difficult.

To win you need to be feeding your body the kind of fuel it needs for sustained increase in health, strength, stamina and ultimately the reduction in fat storage and the associated excess flabbiness and poundage that you desire to lose. But if you are determined to lose weight and to do it through exercise without making it unnecessarily difficult, some attention to what you're eating on a regular basis is necessary.

However, it's not essential to go on what is considered a propriety diet that you choose or indeed of any kind.

Don't Diet, Just Stop Eating So Much Junk!

What you need to do is to look at what you are currently eating every day. Look at the main meals and all the snacks you eat in between. Look at where you can make easy sacrifices, such as in cutting out things like cakes and biscuits, cookies and donuts or pastries.

Also look at junk food like pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs etc and see how these can be drastically cut down in favour of home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. When you can get your regular diet into some kind of healthy order, then you can look at exercise as not being something that you have to almost kill yourself doing in order to lose a few pounds.

You can actually view it as something that you can enjoy doing that will, combined with a much better regular and sensible diet, help you to not only lose the weight you need to lose. In addition to that, to tone up your body to give it a great shape without all the flabby areas.

Different Ways to Exercise

The kinds of exercises that you can do then become simple ones, such as regular:

or playing a sport that you will enjoy that is not too strenuous. Things like

etc all get you exerting yourself but are also fun to do. You don't even need to join a gym to get fit.

Walking for an hour every day, especially along hilly roads is great exercise. If you have a dog, then you have no excuse to get out there and spend some time pounding the pavement or running through the park with your dog.

Swimming Burns Calories

The local pool provides you with another fun way to keep fit and burn off those excess calories by swimming a few lengths then having some fun with friends afterwards. It can be surprising how many calories your body can burn off just by swimming for 30 minutes and then relaxing.

So you see there are many options available to you to lose weight without dieting as such as long as you use some common sense in what you eat and make sure your get some decent daily exercise and you will get lighter, slimmer and fitter. It will be gradual so you should not expect fast results, but slow and steady is definitely the best way to win this particular race.

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